Business Process Re-Humanization

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where human beings can be at their best

can you imagine doubling employee engagement?

For all the honest effort, engagement programs have not broken through to the next level. It is time to take closer look at the underlying drivers. 

In a fun 60 minute exercise, gain insights that can change what is possible


what if you could take two steps forward and no steps back?

Organizational culture is like a network of rubber bands. They can stretch in the short term, but always pull back toward the status quo. 

Stretching one element at a time is a recipe for another program of the month. Sustainable change comes from redefining normal. 

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do your business processes encourage people to bring their best game to work every day?

Business processes are designed by drawing boxes and arrows. People do not prosper in boxes or by being prodded with arrows. 

Begin your next redesign with the intent to engage people, not merely employ them to get work done. 

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